New system that’s allowed in Chicago and it prevents homeowners from flooding and it the only p.v.c pipe allowed in Chicago underground.




Pre- Installation

  • Slide Upper Collar through Outer Riser Pipe. If collar does not slide freely through pipe, check to see if pipe is “out-of-round”. If so, replace Outriser Pipe.
  • Backwater valves require adequate drop between the flood rim of the lowest fixture and burial depth of the valve in order to function properly. We recommend a mininum slope of 1/4″per foot or as recommended by the UPC and IPC Codes.
  • Additional PVC bushings are enclosed for use if needed. Discard if not used.

Parts not provided

Standard 8″or 6″ABS or PVC Outer Riser Pipe of required length, and one of 8″or 6″ Threaded Adaptor & Plug (8″ or 6″ Outer Riser Pipe is determined by the Clean

Outer Riser Installation

  1. At proper depth, install the Clean Check Valve Body between the building and the sewer lateral, with the “F arrow of the Valve Body pointing downstream away from the building.
  2. Rotate the Valve Body until the opening is facing direct upward. A level may be used across the top of the valve to verify horizontal positioning.
  3. Cut the Outer Riser Pipe to the required length. Ceme and insert while keeping the inside of the body clean c
    CAUTION: Be certain that excess solvent cement has impeded proper seating of the Flapper Assembly or the seating of the flapper sealing surface of the Valve Bod


Inner Riser Installation

    1. Cut the Inner Riser to a length (3-1/2″) shorter than the Outer Riser Pipe.
    2. Cement the Flapper Assembly to one end of the Inner Riser Pipe.
    3. Cement the Upper Collar to the other end of the Inner Pipe, while aligning the center of the Finger hole with of the Flapper on the opposite end.
    4. When cement is dry, loosen the thumb screw in the Upper and slide the Inner Riser Assembly – Flapper Assembly into the Outer Riser Assembly with the flat sealing side Flapper facing the inlet side of the Valve Body.


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